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To all Designated Drivers, we have A varied and lovely range of Low and Non Alcoholic Beverages Available at the PB

28th January 2019

THE PUNCH BOWL NOW HAVE A  GREAT RANGE OF LOW  AND NON ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES  We here so you can still enjoy the evening even if you’re not drinking alcohol. Seedlip a NON alcoholic spirit, available in 3 flavours SPICE ,CITRUS & HERBAL plus a mixer of your choice hits the spot the way Gin or Vodka normally would!!

Bees Knees non alcoholic Prosecco...bubbles of joy but no hangover !

Becks Blue Low Alcohol Lager 0.05% 

Heiniken Zero bottles alcohol free lager

Nanny State low alcohol Ale  0.5%

Rekorderlig Low alcohol 0.02% Strawberry and Lime cider 

Kopparberg Alcohol FREE mixed fruit cider 

These are all excellent tipples for those counting the calories too 

As an added bonus we also stock GLUTEN FREE PERONI in bottles.