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WE’VE GOT IT COVERED FOR YOU! A varied and lovely range of Low and Non Alcoholic Beverages Available at the PB

9th January 2020

THE PUNCH BOWL HAVE A  GREAT RANGE OF LOW  AND NON ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES  We here so you can still enjoy the evening even if you’re not drinking alcohol. Seedlip a NON alcoholic spirit, available in 3 flavours SPICE ,CITRUS & HERBAL plus a mixer of your choice hits the spot the way Gin or Vodka normally would!!

Bees Knees non alcoholic Prosecco...bubbles of joy but no hangover !

Becks Blue Low Alcohol Lager 0.05% 

Heiniken Zero bottles alcohol free lager

Nanny State low alcohol Ale  0.5%

Rekorderlig Low alcohol 0.02% Strawberry and Lime cider 

Kopparberg Alcohol FREE mixed fruit cider 

These are all excellent tipples for those counting the calories too